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I had a special request for some freshies made with Baby Powder scent. My normal supplier was out of stock so I took a chance and ordered from here. I’m so happy that I did! The beads smell wonderful. I’m surprised at how strong the scent is. I’m definitely ordering again😁

Stephanie Newsome

Absolutely the best! QUICK TAT & High Quality Aroma Beads!! Nanas is quickly becoming my all time go - to!
Thank you so much for having honest prices and quick turn around times!

Kristen Kenworthy

I stumbled upon this website somehow. Ordered 3 (16oz) scented beads. 1 strawberry, 1 Caribbean escape and 1 vanilla. They are amazing smelling. I’ve been curing my own beads for about a year now. I definitely recommend if you are wanting to try pre-scented beads. A great price as well!

Samantha Long

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